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Hi  Bermuda Bag friends!

I noticed in my last blog I said tell your friends... I take that back show your friends!  Show them, as always, you are first to have the coolest new things out and then tell them where they also can get it.   I spend a lot of time trying to get the newest fabrics for you, or adding a pocket to a cover Because it's just so darn cute, OR adding  a crossbody strap Because NO other 'traditional' style Bermuda bag has one. Why.. Because I want to make your Bermuda Bag experience the best it can possibly be.  My leather and suede Bermuda bags got me so excited that my studio was a buzz for months, tweeking it and adding to it. Santa's workshop had nothing on ours.  Was the leather soft enough, was the suede bright enough, how many flowers, where to put the strap.  Can I tell you that literally hundreds of hours go into planning, making and designing our bags for you.  Like my friend next door you probably are just as excited to see the finished product,  here at the studio every latch, every strap is painstakingly cut, drilled and loved.   I haven't even touched on the man behind the scenes who makes the handles!  Each painstakingly made in house and branded with our logo. Give a shout out to my Bob!  We are a family operated business that cares about you and yours too!

Thanks for stopping by leave a comment or an interest we'll see if we can introduce it into the collection.


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