Crossbody Strap Plus Lilly 2018 Fabrics

Posted by Joanna 18/06/2018 0 Comment(s)

Ladies you are awesome! I put the Leather and Suede New bags up and they are selling! (Guess I just had to let you know about them) I make them the same way I make all my Bermuda Bags with Love and Attention to detail that you have come to expect from me. I forgot to tell you that of course I have the latest Crossbody strap that has been a must have for the lady on the go. Who has 10 hands? My Bermuda bag Ladies can do it all and now they have some help. I want to make your life prettier and versatile too.
Also, for those of you who missed my post on June 10th, check out the Photo Album! The NEW LILLY 2018 FABRICS ARE HERE!! I will be adding them to the website soon!

That's all from the studio today. BUT...before the end of the month of June I hope to be able to share some Exciting news about a NEW PRODUCT!! Start the crowd tell your friends.

Thanks for reading sharing and buying what comes up with.


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