FAQ's and Policies

Q.  Do you charge for shipping?

A.  Yes, Priority shipping (USPS) is charged as per package size and weight.

Q.  Do you charge sales tax?

A.  Yes, I am currently required to charge the mandatory 6% sales tax for sales in or shipped to Florida.

Q.  Do you include monogramming with your bags or belts?

A.  Yes, monogramming is included on ALL Custom ordered items, but must be indicated at the time you place your order.

Q.  Can I have my own bag monogrammed by you?

A.  No, I'm sorry but monogramming is available only on items custom ordered and made by us.

Q.  If I purchase one of your ready made bags or belts can I have it monogrammed?

A.  No, These are items we have made and they are ready for sale as is. There are several items that monogramming is available on at an addtional charge. If you have a question about an item please just contact us.

Q.  Is there a charge for monogramming a ready-made item that I purchase from you?

A.  Yes, if it is an item that I purchased for re-sale and did not make myself, that can be monogrammed, there is an additional charge.

Q.  Does the price shown for your Bermuda bags include the handles?

A.  Yes, the prices shown are for the complete bag sets Unless you are purchasing Just a Cover.

On the Bermuda Bag sets the price includes, handles, liner and one cover for the set. However, if you already have a handle and simply need another cover covers are available for purchase separately.  You will need to contact me so we can make sure that your handle is compatible with my covers. Spacing between buttonholes needs to be the same.

Q.  Do your Bermuda Bag covers fit Lilly Pulitzer handles?

A.  Yes, the regular sized covers are compatible with adult sized Lilly P. Bermuda Bag handles and all large Lilly covers fit the regular sized 4 button handles. BUT, again, the spacing between the buttonholes is the key here. Some Lilly handles/covers have buttonholes spaced at 2" apart some more than 2" so I will need to know that spacing.

Q.  Are all your Bermuda bag covers reversible?

A.  Yes, almost all my Bermuda Bag covers are made reversible. There are some that are not but I will always make sure they are clearly marked as not reversible. If you custom order your fabric selection includes your Outside and Inside fabric choices. I think you should get the most use out of your bag and love the fact that you can get two looks out of one cover.


Q.  How quickly will I get the custom item I ordered?

A.  All my items are individually handmade to order. I do try to ship out orders within 2-4 Weeks of receipt of payment. Some custom orders might take longer but I will notify you if that is the case.

Q.  I love your fabrics and ribbons! Can I purchase them from you?

A.  I'm so pleased that you like my fabric and ribbon selections.  At the present time none of the fabrics or ribbons I use are for sale I use them exclusively in the production of my products.

Q.  What methods of payment do you accept?

A.  At checkout you have the choice of either paying through my Secure Credit Card on-site processing, Paypal  or paying by Check or Money Order. It shows I accept MasterCard, Visa and American Express.

Q.  What is your return policy?

A.  I accept returns but must be notified of any problems within 7 days of receipt of the item. The customer is responsible for all shipping costs related to the return of the item. The item must be unused and in saleable condition with tags on within 14 days of purchase. I will replace the item with one of equal value once the item in question has been returned to me.

B:  In the case of defective merchandise, the customer must notify me within the first 30 days after purchase. The customer must return the item to me within that time period... the first 30 days. I will replace and ship the new item to you at no charge or issue a refund of your purchase price once the item in question has been returned to me. Please note..., shipping charges are not included in the refunded amount. **Custom monogrammed items can Only be returned if there is defect in the product when first received & I must be notified Immediately. Take a picture of the item & send it to me prior to requesting a retun. All returns require prior authorization.

Q.  Do you offer your products at wholesale?

A.  No, not at the present time. All my items are custom handmade products. Much time goes into the construction of a product to offer it at wholesale pricing.


Monogramming:  Any item that has been monogrammed cannot be returned. WITHOUT prior authorization & a picture of the defect Must be sent prior to return.